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AbHaulier LT learning resources

AbHailier LT is simple and easy to use but these guides will get you started


  User guides   Video demos


Start AbHaulier LT Learning Mode or Live Mode.

Learning mode enables you to try out and explore AbHaulier LT as much as you like, and is ideal if you’re learning. Any notifications produced and sent in Learning mode WILL NOT be sent to authorities, they are only sent to the email address you provide when choosing this mode.

Live mode is used when you are ready to start notifying structure owning and police authorities. Notifications produced in this mode will be sent to the relevant authorities affected by your chosen route.

User guides - AbHaulier LT contains 9 easy to follow user guides. These take you through using the software, step by step. The user guides can be viewed directly within the software or printed / saved locally to your computer.

Video demos - There are also 8 short video demonstrations available that take you through the notifying process.

We recommend you view the user guides or video demonstrations before submitting your first notification.